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Staging Services
Staging Services
How Do You Make a Home Buyer-Friendly?
As a stager, I can enter a home and immediately see its potential and liabilities. I gently guide the homeowner towards the changes that will bring top dollar.

Color Consultation
Color is the first element the eye registers. Color is the least-expensive change a homeowner can make to enhance that all-important first impression. Color is the trickiest design element a layperson can try to choose on his or her own.

Rearrange the Furniture and Artwork
Furniture and artwork, when arranged with good design principals of rhythm, balance and proportion, gives a pleasing and comforting feeling to the potential buyer. This in turn helps the buyer to visualize living in the home.
Establish Focal Points
Each room needs a focal point to anchor the space and give personality to a home. Let me help you establish strong focal points that will arouse interest and make the potential buyer say "I want this home!".

Add Accessories
It is amazing what a few changes in home accessories can make. Accessorizing can make the difference between ho hum and eye popping! I have resources at fantastic prices!

Professionally staging your spaces can make profound differences in the buyer's perception of value, getting you top-dollar for your home or commercial location.

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