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"We purchased a home in Oregon that required extensive remodeling, which we planned to do while working and living in California. We discovered pretty quickly that we would need help with both the design and execution of such a large job from so far away. After searching for designers in the Portland area on Houzz we hired Kimberlee Jaynes. We could not have been happier with the outcome.

Kimberlee has the gift of both listening, and more importantly understanding what you want in a home, and the ability to help you see what is possible. She never imposed her idea of what our house should look like, but she did open our eyes to ideas that we never would have come up with on our own. She was our "boots on the ground" in all things large and small during our remodel, involving us when necessary but shielding us from the inevitable day to day problems. I would definitely recommend Kimberlee for both her creative vision and design work, her ability to execute the job, for her professionalism, and for being a pleasure to work with."

Mary & Tom O'Malley
"Kim is a consummate professional. She has a keen eye for colors and a vision of how a room should look, and more importantly, how it should feel. Our living and dining rooms were transformed from staid and dysfunctional, into unique and elegant. Kim is fun to work with. She knows what will work best and guides you gently through the process to reach agreement and common goals. We have had nothing but compliments about the rooms that she designed. We are planning to draw upon her expertise for other rooms in our house."
Tom & Ruth Hooper

"Your design continues to provide lots of enjoyment for our family. While the living room feels cozy with just the three of us, it works equally well with a house full of people! The flow is great and the flexible seating really works well without feeling crowded. We enjoyed seeing our (now famous) design on your website, the pictures turned out great — it's still hard to believe the before and after views! Thank you for your expertise — you are amazing ! ! ! "
Bruce & Joyce Maxwell
"We never imagined that our 50's home could ever become our dream home. We contemplated selling it, but then decided to stay just awhile longer. After years of children and pets, everything needed an update. We were overwhelmed with choices and unable to find furnishings that "felt" right to both of us. Then came Kim!!! What transpired was truly beyond our greatest expectations. She not only identified a style that blended both our tastes, she did so in a fashion that complimented our home's original architecture. She was efficient in her shopping, attentive to our budget and a superior communicator. She was always available, confident when we wavered and in the end brought forth a home we love and are proud of. There are not really words of appreciation that are adequate. We never believed that this home could become such an accurate reflection of who we are stylistically and artistically. It is serene, yet bold and playful, with an elegance we love. We are extremely grateful to Kim and would whole heartedly recommend her! She is indeed a gifted interior designer. She couples those gifts with great listening skills and incredible buying savvy!! The end result is an extraordinary home and very happy owners!"
Sigrid & Bob Button
My dear Kim,
Words can't describe how I feel about your expertise and intuitive ability to pin down the elements that created our home. Thank you again for your vigilant care of our big project. David and I were reflecting back and realized that the only person we were sure of being on "our side" and representing our interests was you. Like I've said, I only made one real decision, and hiring you was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made! You're the best!
Julie Roush - Homeowner

"As of last Friday I hated it then you transformed my box into a beautiful present! I am still so blown away by the beauty of the town house I can hardly stand it. You are so chic! Thanks again, again, again!!!!!"
Lindy Federici - Homeowner
"Besides the added bonus of Kim being so fun to work with, we now live in the environment that we at one time only visualized. Kim has the amazing ability to understand what it is we want and to take that a step further by bringing in elements that we had not considered on our own, but now we can't live without. She is a truly gifted and talented designer who we would not hesitate to work with again."
Eric and Robin Flamm - Homeowner

"I am sure that the true joy of an appropriate home décor is that one feels completely “at home” in the surroundings…that is true for me and each daughter has expressed the same feeling of feeling at ease and happy here. No more could be hoped for. Thank you for good sense, efficiency, excellent organization skills and really “listening” not only with your ears, but with your eyes and heart."
Barbara Bell - Homeowner
"My wife joins me in recalling the remarkable level of care and clear-minded counsel that Kimberlee conveyed in the course of working with us. I have never seen a design professional work more skillfully, or with such an ideal mixture of patience and practicality. She also made an important contribution toward the solution of problems in the entry to my Oriental rug business. In the process, she revealed an unusual ability to size up a situation rapidly and deliver concise, practical counsel. I recommend her highly, not only for her 'people skills' but for her consistent professionalism, keen sense of timing and intuitive tastes."
James Opie - James Opie Oriental Rugs & Homeowner

"I had a home built and found the hardest part was furnishing and decorating it! I think Kim is so easy to work with. What was great about Kim is that she always made it convenient for me. She really educated me along the way and now I have confidence in putting things together. I get so many compliments on my home!"
Linda Wakefield - Homeowner
"I find Kimberlee very easy to work with. She is very professional, very talented, and able to find something out of the box. When I need someone who can be creative with color, carpets and design I call on Kim... she knows what works!"
Mary Russell - Investment Property Services

"Kim has worked with me as an interior designer on two homes. She proved herself to be a talented, hardworking, and invaluable asset. I'm continually amazed and pleased by her clever and original ideas. She is patient, courteous, and a tireless individual."
Debra Stineback - Homeowner
"I hired Ms. Jaynes to design and build a décor package for the Nature's-Lake Oswego grocery store. Her commitment to schedule and budget are excellent. Her talents and experience regarding color, texture and scale would be a huge asset to any project and I look forward to working with her in the future."
Lori Vollmer - New Seasons Market, Store Planning and Design

"I'm a real-estate broker and I also fix up houses and sell them. I have used Kim to pick out paint colors on several houses to help them sell faster. Her choices have helped sell the homes every time! Kim has helped me with interior design, too. She handles everything from choosing the wall colors, window coverings, artwork, getting the furniture, even buying bathroom towels and stocking the kitchen. Kim is very easy to work with. In fact, I'm using her on another condo right now."
Kurt Chiapuzio - Real Estate Broker